Basic Principles of Design Assignment

Ying Yang

Ying Yang is a common Chinese symbol that many people know. It represents that in every evil there is good and in every good there is evil. This symbol has a perfect balancing system having the same amount of black as there is white in it. The bond between the Ying and the Yang is brought together in proximity. They connect together to form one whole. Overall there is not an alignment in this for it is a circle. There is repetition in it. Both symbols are exactly the same except they are opposite colours. There is not much contrast in the symbol because there are only two elements that form one circle. There is a great amount of white space around the  picture which does create a lot of breathing room for it. The picture is only the one symbol which does create too much white space. An improvement for this image may be more colour. Plane black and white does not appear as amusing as other more powerful and dominant colours such as blue or red. And lastly there should be more images in all of the blank space around it to create more diversity and fill up the blank space. These improvements may interfere with the overall meaning and representation of the symbol, but they are improvements for better advertising.


In this collage there is not much of a balance. Random symbols and colours are scattered throughout the picture. This image would be considered a very unbalanced one because there is not one solid object throughout the whole thing. The proximity would be stronger in this image than that of the Ying Yang image. Being a collage, the images in the picture should be closer to create it what it is. There is no alignment in the photo. Everything is just shuffled throughout the picture to create the collage. Everything being all shuffled around creates no repetition at all. Every symbol is different in the photo which does make it unique but doesn’t give it repetition. There is plenty of contrast giving the image a lot of uniqueness. No two symbols are alike. Contrast is probably one of the main principles of design in a collage. There is a lot of crammed graphics giving it the element of a collage but does take the effect of breathing space away. There isn’t any white space involved in the image. But because it is a collage it is not suppose to have any in order to be an effective collage. Improvements to the picture could include a better balance, symmetry and alignment. Not every photo will have every principle of design but having very few out of the six designs would not be as effective as one with more of the designs in it. But adding these improvements may eliminate the purpose of the collage.

First photo was a good example of the basic principles of design.       Second photo was a bad example of the basic principles of design.

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All About Me

My name is Carlo Espinosa and I’m a 15 year old teen attending John Cabot Catholic high school. I live with my mom and my stepdad.  I have a 4 year old dog named Carmella. My moms name is Edyta, my stepdads is Jack and my dads name is Gary.  My mom works for royal lepage a company for real estate. My stepdad owns a pizza pizza. My dad is a tow truck driver.  Im a competitive xbox gamer who makes a little money from occasional online tournaments. Favourite hobbies include: Soccer, tennis, ping pong, chess, biking and even cooking. I am an only child currently, my mom has recently gotten pregnant with my stepdad. She is about three weeks pregnant and the child is expected to be born around my birthday, September 12th. I was not always an only child though. When I was six years old I had an infant sister named Victoria. I didn’t know too much at the age but when i got older i realized what had happened to her. When Victoria was 2 months old she died of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  All of her vital signs had stopped. I still remember waking up at six o’clock in the morning seeing my mother crying and my uncle giving CPR to my sister. They brought my sister to the hospital and i was sent to spend that weekend with my father. It took many years of asking to find out what really happened to her because after a few years of my mother telling me that she was on a vacation I got smarter. I’m very independent and like having responsibility. Recently my grandmother died at the age of 80 from a tumour that was once breast cancer lead into her brain. The most enjoyable year of my life so far is definitely the year of 2009-2010. That was the year that me and my mother lived in Florida for a year. It was one of the biggest changes of my life but i would not recommend it to anyone. Florida is a place to visit not to live. I have travelled to many places in my life including British Colombia, Florida, Aruba, Poland, Colombia, Cuba, New York, California and Germany. My mother was born in Poland and my father in Colombia.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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